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What do you know About Famtree?


Famtree is an international destination for people who consider the family as a top priority in their life, it strengthens the bond between the members of the family. And by DNA analysis you can know more about your ancestors, your mum, your dad, your genetics to be proud of when you tell your story and history to your children.

Since the famtree cannot be built by one person, the members of the family interact and work together to build the tree.

Famtree app is available on both platforms android and IOS you can download now

Famtree It's free & Unlimited


Unlimited numbers: famtree allows millions of people to join the family.


Ease of use: everyone can use and add anyone to the tree easily.


Multilanguage: famtree talks to you in the language you want/ you understand.


DNA analysis reveals who you are, where you came from and more about your history.


Famtree app is available on both platforms, download now